torsdag 22 mars 2012

Radio Seagull to use 1395 kHz in daytime from 1 April

Dutch broadcaster Radio Seagull announces on its website: “Starting Sunday April 1st 2012 Radio Seagull will be back on 1395AM. In spite of the date, this is not a joke. Every day, from 7 am ’till 7 pm (0500-1700 UTC), Radio Seagull programmes will be going out via 1395AM. From 7 pm until 7 am, Radio Seagull will be on 1602AM as normal. The stereo webcast will also remain unchanged running 24 hours a day. The transmitter site is the last remaining radioship in the world -the LV Jenni Baynton.” (Andy Sennitt, RNW Media Network 21.3.2012 via Tore Larsson, Arctic Radio Club)

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