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Summary in English

ARC is a club for mediumwave listeners only. The club, founded in 1960, has about 60 members mainly from the Nordic countries. The club publishes a membership bulletin, “MV-EKO”, a seasonal fortnightly. It contains current loggings, received QSL, latest news and article content together with photos in colour. Once a year the club organizes a Convention usually colleting an average of 15-20 participants. The current Chairman of the club is Christer Brunström, Halmstad and Secretary Tore Larsson, Falköping.

Date of effect July 2011, the MV-EKO will be digitalized and distributed in pdf-format to the members via the Internet. Thomas Nilsson at Ängelholm is responsible for the pdf-distribution and Ronny Forslund at Svartsjö is our web editor.

During the sixties it was fairly easy to get the Spanish local stations to keep their transmitter on the air  a few hours extra late at night for a special program and we could log them here in the North. The programs were recorded under primitive conditions, sometimes with Bengt Ericson as technician, sometimes with Tore Larsson, but always with Thord Knutsson at the microphone. The programs were in Spanish and presented different types of music. The following Spanish stations were transmitting ARC Special programs from 1962-67:
Radio Popular de Salamanca 1142 kHz, La Voz de Alcira 1205, Radio Juventud de  Cartagena 1187, Radio Juventud de Albacete 1322, La Voz de Jaen 1110, Radio Popular de Mallorca 1340, Radio Peñarroya 1295, Radio Teruel 1349, Radio Tudela 1417, Radio Sahara 652, La Voz de Guadalquivir 1133, La Voz de Palencia 1133, Radio Algeciras 1412 and Radio Lugo 1520 kHz.
Due to the tighter control in 1968 of the Spanish local stations it became practically impossible to arrange any special programs from Spain.

In 1965 Radio Caroline broadcast an interesting special program for ARC.

There are countless of stations around the world who broadcast greetings and musical requests to the club and its members. Some of the stations are: Radio Atalaya de Cabra, WNAA Kenitra, UKE-senderen, La Voz de la Patria, Aden Forces Broadcasting Station, WISA, KTRI, KOTA. RNE Sevilla, Radio Monte Carlo in Uruguay, Radio Veronica, Radio Luxembourg, TGMG Guatemala, AFN Berlin, Ondas del Riohacha, CHSM, Radio Belarus and Radio Popular de Zaragoza. Several of the programs were broadcast during our Conventions.

Arctic Radio Morokulien

In December 2009 ARC celebrated its 50th anniversary by broadcasting from a specially prepared radiostation in the Kingdom of Peace, Morokulien, between December 28th 2009 and January 10th, 2010. Arctic Radio Morokulien was located in northwestern Värmland on the border with Norway. The transmitter had a power of 400 watts and was installed by ARIM, Amateur Radio in Morokulien. The frequency was 1584 kHz. Transmission was one hour in the early morning, early afternoon and the evening. The programs were live and ARC member Ronny Forslund was the DJ. Temporary DJs were Odd Westby from ARIM and Bengt Ericson from ARC. During the transmission period it was extremely cold weather in Värmland why DJs both burning the stove, played music, talked plus brewing coffee. It was sweaty in length. 80 correct reception reports were received and a special QSL-card was mailed. The most distant reports came from Parkalompolo in the north of Sweden, Bergen and Bodö in western Norway, Ängelholm and Malmö in southern Sweden, Jutland in southwestern Denmark and Helsinki and Joensuu in eastern Finland.

Arctic Radio Jönköping

In conjunction with ARC-SWB convent 2017 in Jönköping the club made transmissions to mark 40 years of the start of SR P4 Jönköping. The transmitter was a Standard Radio SST400 placed in a military truck, type SBTGB9333, and transmissions were made on 1593 kHz, the old frequency of Radio Jönköping, with 200 W. The antenna was a sloping dipole, 2 x 47 m. Transmissions were made on Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday morning. The programs were partly prerecorded music loops mixed with direct interviews with participants of the meeting and an earlier coworker at Radio Jönköping, Lennart Broman,
About 30 reports were verified with a special QSL-card. The most distant listeners were one DX-er outside Oslo, Norway (who did not send a report) and one in eastern Finland.