fredag 22 augusti 2014

Veronica Day by 192 Radio on the air on MW from Holland August 28-29

On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 August 192 Radio will broadcast live from Museum RockArt in Hoek van Holland. There will use the 3 restored Radio Veronica studios there. Broadcasts will be on the internet and on 1224 1332 and 1584 medium wave. More details and preliminary programme (Mike Barraclough on Facebook via Ronny Forslund, ARC)

torsdag 21 augusti 2014

Radio Seagull 1602 now on the air from the high seas

For those of you who liked listening to offshore radio in the 60s, 70s, and 80s a reminder that Radio Seagull has begun its live broadcasts from its radio ship, the LV Jenni Baynton, daily at 1700-0500 UTC on 1602 kHz and online worldwide at and iTunes. These will continue through 31st August. For the live broadcasts, the web feed is using the mediumwave signal, thus giving you the feel of listening on mediumwave wherever you are. Coming up tonight at 2300 UTC is Bob Noakes, formerly of RNI and Radio Caroline. The schedule changes each day, so everyone is on the air but at different times. I'll be on board for the whole of next week, and really looking forward to it. Joining us next week is Carl Kingston, who some of you will remember from the Voice of Peace. For updated schedules and photos visit our special Facebook page - Radio Seagull Offshore 2014. (Andy Sennitt writes on Facebook via Mike Terry, MWDX via Tore Larsson, ARC)

onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Radio Nord Revival relayed by Radio Merkurs 1485 from Latvia

Starting tonight, Wednesday August 20, at 1900 UTC, Radio Merkurs in Riga, Latvia will be broadcasting Radio Nord Revival overnight until 0600 UTC on medium wave 1485 kHz. Power is 2,7 kW.

måndag 18 augusti 2014

New offshore broadcasts from Jenni Baynton by Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull

Paul Newman writes on Facebook:

The LV Jenni Baynton is now installed 3 miles off the Dutch coast and waiting our arrival for the commencement of live broadcasts from Wednesday 20th - Sunday 31st August.

Programmes will be in Dutch during the day from Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull's English service broadcasting each evening/night from 7pm - 7am CET (6pm - 6am UK).

(The Frequency is 1602 AM and online at - Mike Terry, MWDX via Tore Larsson, ARC)

söndag 17 augusti 2014

Radio Nord Revival 2014 on the air live from The Castle, Vaxholm on August 23

On Saturday, August 23, Radio Nord Revival will be broadcasting again. This time from the Castle, off Vaxholm, Sweden, in connection with a big field radio day. The station will be broadcasting on MW 1512 kHz from Kvarnberget, Vallentuna. Licensed power is 2,5 kW but we may only be using 1 kW. Antenna height is 37 metres. There are also a number of SW frequencies, including a station from the actual castle. For forther info please check out Test transmissions will be made prior to the official broadcasts.

The Castle is a very historic place radio-wise as it was from here that the very first broadcast on Sweden was made on September 1, 1919. (Ronny Forslund, ARC)

lördag 16 augusti 2014

Radio Disney switching off AM

Radio Disney is selling off 23 of its 24 stations, leaving just station KDIS 1110 in Pasadena, California on the air. KDIS used to be known as top-rated music station KRLA - the Big 11-10 from 1959-1982. Read more in this article:

Radio Disney is getting out of terrestrial radio, and concentrating on digital