tisdag 17 november 2015

Brazilian radio stations to leave AM for FM

In a ceremony at the Planalto Palace, the president of Brazil a couple of days ago signed a decree authorizing radio stations to migrate their signals from AM to FM, where frequenies are gaining in audio quality, competitiveness and scope through cell phones.
Read the full story in https://gruporadioescuchaargentino.wordpress.com/
(translated by yours truly)
Original text:
"Con un acto solemne en el Palacio Planalto, la presidente de Brasil firmó dias pasados un decreto que autorizará a las emisoras de radio migrar sus señales de AM a FM, una frecuencia donde ganarán en calidad de audio, competividad y alcance, a travésde los teléfonos celulares...... Lea la nota completa en https://gruporadioescuchaargentino.wordpress.com/ "
Arnaldo Slaen, dxld yg (15/11-2015) via Jan Edh, ARC

fredag 13 november 2015

Local transmission from American Forces Network Benelux

American Forces Network Benelux has a 1 kW transmitter in Mönchen Gladbach on 1143 kHz transmitting the progam Eagle. However they have a local SHAPE Benelux-program between 1600-1700 UTC Monday to Friday. (Bengt Ericson, ARC)