torsdag 22 maj 2014

WVBF increasing power to 5 kW

According to Tony Lopez, GM of WVBF Taunton MA 1530 kHz, the projected date of the power raise is now July 15-20. (Hasse Mattisson, ARC)

onsdag 7 maj 2014

Interview with Tony Lopez on the Ronny B Goode Show on May 7

You can listen to an interview with Tony Lopez, GM of WVBF 1530, on May 7 at 1800 UTC, repeated at the same time on Sunday, May 11. Link for listening: The same show can be heard on Radio Merkurs 1485 on May 14 at 1800 UTC.

måndag 5 maj 2014

Special programme from the ARC convention from WVBF 1530

We were very pleased to have Tony Lopez, general manager of station WVBF 1530, Taunton MA, as our guest at the recent ARC Convention in Lessebo, Småland, Sweden. Tony will be broadcasting a special programme from Sweden on May 8 at 1300 UTC (1500 SST) and on May 10 at 1800 UTC (2000 SST). You can listen online by going to the WVBF webpage - just click the dog image to listen.

torsdag 1 maj 2014

Bretagne 5 soon on 1593 kHz?

The first step towards a new AM station? After six months, the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel has just published the result of a public survey which was established on March 19, 2013 as a foundation for an application of MW radio in Ile-de-France, Aquitaine and Bretagne. At the moment, although no definite date has been set for the application, it is a step forward for the MW transmissions of Bretagne 5. The board of the station will now be asking the CSA to set a date for further discussions about establishing a MW station in our region. (Bretagne 5 via Bengt Ericson, ARC)