torsdag 3 november 2011

Radio Seagull test update

LATEST  NEWS  30th October   2011
1395 AM - Update 2

2nd part of 1395 test  finished.

Wednesday October 26th 2011 the LV Jenni Baynton returned to her homeport Harlingen (Holland). The second part of the test program has finished and it is time to put all the reports and measurements together to see   what the results are. Adjustments to the antenna have given the signal a boost   as to how far we get, but unfortunately that lead to reception nearby being less   sucessful. However it is like we have
stated many times, this is why it is a  test.

The ship has now returned to port and preparations are now going on to sort things out for the third and final phase, expected to   start first week of November. We have one more " experimental antenna"  to test,   after which we will return to the basic set up which will probably mean we will   be getting into area's we were getting into during the first few days.

The anchoring in the Waddenzee was for testing the new anchor as well. We have finally got our own anchor, a special mushroom   anchor designed for stationary ships like lightvessels. The anchor held perfectly and indeed the lifting was a bit of a job for the old windlas, but it   did the job well.

So both tests were successful. Stay tuned and do send in a reception report during the 3rd part of the test, even if you have already done so before.
Thanks in advance.

Sietse Brouwer via Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö