tisdag 20 mars 2012

Miscellaneous info from Latin America by Henrik Klemetz

Suggested QSL address for AM 1630, La Plata is as follows:
AM1630 Radio Diagonal de La Plata,  Jefe Técnico, Salguero 2745, 6to. Piso Of. 63,
C1425DEL Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
(D. Camporini via H. A. Nigro, March 19, 2012)
Reports sent to Red 92 or Radio Buen Ayre are not likely to receive a reply. (M. Cornachioni, March 5, 2012)

1310 CBN, Porto Velho, RO (ex-Rádio Tropical) per http://www.tudoradio.com/noticias.php?noticia=6600

The station run by the Communications Department of the Universidad Católica on 660 is listed as “Radio UC” in the WRTH.  Their slogan is however  “Radio UC.cl” which is difficult to solve under DX conditions.   Listen to the recorded excerpt where the station slogan is heard as “radioce punto ce-ele”.  (A. Bue and reporters to RealDX site)

Joint DRM tests to be conducted by HCJB and Unión Radio on 820 kHz later this year. (radioworld.com via Y. Gaviria).

Slogans:  40 Principales: “la radio de los éxitos”
Bésame: “la Q940”, “la radio apasionada”
Ke Buena:  “la estación que soñé”
Estadio W: “donde vive tu pasión”
(Info from Prisa)

920 Radio Nacional del Paraguay inaugurated a new Harris 100 kW transmitter on March 18. (lanacion.py via Y. Gaviria)

The missing signals from this country may not entirely be caused by propagation conditions.
As reported by José Elías Gómez, several stations in his area in E. Venezuela are having problems to make ends meet.  Failing to comply with power bills may cause forcible close down. Says José Elías,
“1210 Radio Anzoátegui, 760 Radio Puerto La Cruz and 870 Unión Radio Deportes are virtually eliminated”.  (Sintonía DX)  (HK Henrik Klemetz, Arctic Radio Club)

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