fredag 27 juni 2014

Test transmission from Radio Impuls-AM 981 kHz

A test broadcast is now (June 27, 1100 UTC) on the air on 981 kHz from Libeznice (north edge of Prague, CZE) using Radio Impuls-FM modulation. A new station Radio Impuls-AM is planned for this frequency. The signal is aired from the same antenna as Radio Dechovka on 1233kHz. (Karel Honzik, mwcircle 27.6.2014 via Tore Larsson, ARC)

torsdag 26 juni 2014

Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull going offshore again

Petris Knapas has posted on Facebook:
21. June 2014

Hi folks,
I received a nice message from PanEuropean Radio, the organisation behind Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull.They are planning to go offshore again from the 2nd half of August;)... The Jenny (Baynton) shall be anchored 8 miles from the Dutch coast in open sea. THis means a much better reception in The Benelux, UK and Scandinavia. The ship can be visited during the offshore event, ticketprice for boattrip plus visit shall be announced later. The event is a special one in memory of the end of the Dutch offshoreradio period and the start of the in Spanish/USA/Mauritian based Radio Caroline, Mi AMigo, Monique, Laser and Delmare.

More information at the Facebookprofile of Radio Waddenzee and, in a short time. also at the site of both at 1602 KHZ operating stations and
Peter, Formal RNI2020 CEO
Mike Terry, via mwdx yg (21/6-2014) via Jan Edh, ARC

tisdag 24 juni 2014

New British RSL: SummerFest Radio heard on MW 1386 kHz

SummerFest Radio, Haddenham has been awarded a license from June 22 - July 6 on FM 87.9 MHz. However, the station is also being heard on MW 1386 kHz. This frequency is not announced by the station so it may be an unofficial relay, maybe by a pirate station. The MW signal is being heard with a good signal some 17 miles from Haddenham, so the transmitter should be located within the area. The SummerFest is a local beer festival and the station's website can be found at No confirmation about the MW transmissions has so far been made by the station. (Bernt-Ivan Holmberg, ARC)