måndag 24 oktober 2011

Radio Seagull back with further tests

Tests from Radio Seagull on 1395 kHz is back after a few days of absence over the weekend. Monday night at 2100 carrier and a few minutes later the music was on. Signal strength S9+. (Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö)

torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Radio Seagull from Jenni Baynton at new anchorage

1395 kHz. Radio Seagull started broadcasting from a new anchorplace this evening. At  2100 UTC the reception was excellent. They totally override Russia on the same frequency.(Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö)

Libya after the execution of Gaddafi

Now it is a big party on 1053 kHz Tripoli. Shooting, screaming crowds and lot
of Libyan music. Quite good reception now at 1930 UTC.(Bengt Ericson, Växjö)

onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Radio Medjugorje transmitter location

ITALY Dario Monferini in Italy has informed that Radio Medjugorje on 1476 kHz is 
located at the same place as Challenger Radio on 1368 kHz, i.e. Villa Estense 
in Padova region. The power of the transmitter is 10 kW. They are 100 % non-
commercial and rarely reply reception reports. (Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö)

torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Radio Medjugorje 1476 kHz - new Italian station

1476 Radio Medjugorje - A new station started today, 5.10.2011. It's Radio Medjugorje Italia on 1476 kHz.

It is located, as reported, in Padova province (Veneto region) North Italy. They are on air with 1 kW. Reports can be sent to medjugorjeitaliatv@libero.it  Web site: http://www.radiomedjugorjeitalia.com/ (PlayDX via Giampiero Bernardini, mwcircle 5.10.2011 via Tore Larsson, ARC)

onsdag 5 oktober 2011

KBC Radio stops testing on 531 kHz on October 7

The website of Dutch-based KBC Radio states that the tests on mediumwave 531 kHz from Burg, Germany will stop on Friday 7 October. Until then, the tests are at 1500-1800 UTC.

(Andy Sennitt, RN Media Network 4.10.2011 via Tore Larsson, ARC)