lördag 31 december 2011

Special New Year's programmes from RNE, Canary Islands

The last night of every year brings us a unique opportunity for catching the RNE stations in the Canary Islands with own programming at night. All RN and R5TN outlets leave the national network at some point around 2230 UTC/Canary Is. time (2330 in mainland Spain) for a regional special program to receive the new year. The content is usually funny music with phone calls from listeners and messages from the Regional Goverment President and some other Authorities. This program ends some minutes after the midnight Canary Is./UTC time. These are the RNE stations in the Canary Islands:
RN     Las Palmas  576 kHz
RN     Tenerife        621 kHz
R5TN  Tenerife        720 kHz
R5TN Las Palmas  747 kHz
(Mauricio Molano via MWDX via Tore Larsson, ARC)

torsdag 29 december 2011

Samoa drops Friday, December 30

The day of December 30 will be deleted from the Samoan  calendar. This is being done in order to bring the nation closer to the time zones of its biggest trading partners, Australia and New Zealand. Samoa is 11 hours after GMT and from having been one of the last places where the new year begins it will now become one of the first. After the change has taken place Samoa will be one hour ahead of New Zealand and three hours ahead of Sydney, Australia. (DR News via Bengt Ericson, ARC)

German mediumwave stations closing down

Several mediumwave stations in Germany are due to cease transmissions within the next couple of weeks. The first to go, on Friday 30 December, is the low power (0.6 kW) SWR station at Ulm on 1413 kHz. The following day it is the turn of high power (700 kW) gospel station ERF at Mainflingen on 1539 kHz and the WDR mediumwave transmitter at Langenberg on 1593 kHz which has been broadcasting in DRM mode.

On 8 January SWR will cease its mediumwave broadcasts of the "Bodensee Sender" on 666 kHz (150 kW). In addition, the broadcasts of the WDR mediumwave transmitters at Muhlacker on 576 kHz (100 kW), Freiburg on 828 kHz (10kW) and RheinSender/Wolfsheim on 1017 kHz (100 kW) will close.

(Source: Mediamagazine.nl via Andy Sennitt via Tore Larsson, ARC)

onsdag 14 december 2011

Some DX-News from Bengt Ericson: Radio Luxemburg / Italy / AFN-Germany

1440 Radio Luxemburg has returned to old days and broadcast the German program
during daytime. The reception is very good during daytime so at least 600 kW.
981 Trieste A is now running 24h.
1368 Challenger Radio in the Padova provice is now off the air due to technical problems.
AFN Europe headquarter will be moved to to Kaiserslautern during end of 2013 -
September 2014. Accordingly AFN Heidelberg 1143 kHz will be moved to Stuttgart.
one year earlier.                           ( 4.12.2011 via Bernhard Weiskopf, A-DX)

Christmas greetings from members of the ARC

First a greeting from our old friend BEFF Björn Fransson of Gotland:

Next we have GN Gert Nilsson of Bonäset, Norhern Sweden. The bird feeders are hanging from a tree planted for this season, about one metre from GN's computer corner.

Here is a greeting from Norway and free radio fan plus radio entrepreneur Svenn Martinsen:
A greeting from Sietse of Radio Seagull via Bengt Ericson to all ARC members:
Here we see the QTH of KLKaj Larson and his faithful Newfoundland companion Sara.

This card comes from Odd Påg - as he says, "A greeting from Santa Claus in the antenna forest"

The next one is from LAB Lasse Bygdén of Tomterna with best wishes from Lasse and his family plus cats Gabbi and Ronja.

lördag 3 december 2011

WJZ Baltimore MD heard by Sigvard Andersson, Norrköping

1300 0303 21.11 WJZ Baltimore MD, "Baltimore's Sports Station, Baltimore, ESPN 1300" trängdes med en hel hoper stns, även ID på WOOD och WJMO. Hörd då jag lyssnade i Väsby, NDL:s klubbstuga. A