torsdag 30 augusti 2012

Radio Seagull testing offshore on 1395 kHz

Radio Seagull is now testing its new transmitter on 1395 kHz from a location on the sea off the city of Harlingen in Holland.Thursday night at 1645 UTC the signal was quite good and probably they were running 5 or 10 kW. They signed off the transmitter at 1658 UTC. At 1645 it is still 1 hour to sunset in southern Sweden. (Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö)

onsdag 22 augusti 2012

Update Bulgaria Varna 774 kHz

BULGARIA 774 kHz Varna is on the air reports Patrick Robic in Austria. Varna will probably sign off Sept 30th, 2012 as several Bulgarian stations on MW will do.  (Mauno Ritola, ARC, Finland and Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö)

måndag 20 augusti 2012

BBC MW switch off trial

BBC will temporarily be switching off its transmissions on MW from the local stations in Kent (774, 1035, 1602 kHz), Lincolnshire (1368), Merseyside (1485) and Nottingham (1584 kHz). This trial will be made for five weeks, from August 17th to September 24th. As the same programme is broadcast simultaneously on both MW and FM the purpose of this action is to make the listeners switching over to FM. The stations in Kent, Merseyside and Nottingha are also on DAB. More info on

(Tore Larsson, ARC)

News from Holland, Bulgaria and Libya

Holland The radioship Jenni Baynton will next week anchor in the Waddenzee sea off the harbour of Harlingen. Exact location not yet known. The Radio Seagull programs will continue as usual on 1395 kHz between 0500-1700 UTC with 2,5 kW, but later the power will be increased to10 kW. Later this year Radio Marina will use the ship´s transmitter for its programs, but power on 1485 kHz will be 1 kW.
Mike Terry, UK (partly) and Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö (partly).

Bulgaria 774 kHz Varna, Bulgaria is reported off. (Mauno Ritola, ARC, Heinävaara, Finland)

Libya 1251 kHz Tripoli 400kW is reported off the air. However 1125 kHz El Beida 500 kW is still on the air IDing as “ Libya FM”. (Mauno Ritola, ARC; Heinävaara, Finland)

DRM tests on 549 kHz

During the end of 2012 Ukraine, Kazakstan and Moldavia will carry test transmissions in DRM-mode via 549 kHz. Transmitters used will be: Kodra in Moldavia 50 kW Kiev, Brovary, Ukraine 250 kW Talkin(?), Kazakstan 250 kW This was mentioned in Vadim Alexeev´s program “Radiopanorama” by the chairman of CTPD Andrew Bryksenkovym talking about future digital transmissions. (2012.08.20 Alexander Egorov, Kiev in Open-DX Yahoo list via Bengt Ericson, ARC)