onsdag 14 mars 2012

Latin American updates from Henrik Klemetz

Network slogans:
Radio Recuerdos:  me gusta más (only 690)
Caracol Radio:  se escucha más (“Caracol  Colombia” and “Caracol Villavicencio” in WRTH is incorrect)
W Radio:  Deportes, entretenimiento, éxitos musicales (“la W” for 1150 and 1250 in WRTH is incorrect; the letter W in W Radio is pronounced “doble ú”; sometimes the station is referred to as  “Sistema W Radio”). 
Oxígeno:  la radio que te quiere  (“Oxígeno R.”  in WRTH is incorrect)
Bésame:  la radio apasionada  (“Bésame AM” in WRTH is incorrect)
Candela estéreo:  solo éxitos
Radio Reloj:  La emisora de todas las horas (only stations mentioned are 830 Medellín and 1010 Bogotá)
Amendments to WRTH 2012:
860 Valledupar, W Radio, ex-La Voz de Cañaguate
980 Cúcuta, is Bésame, ex- Oxígeno, ex- La 980 SensacionaL
1080 Medellín, is Oxígeno, ex-La Mil80
1090 Cartagena, is Candela  estéreo, ex-Radio Bucanero
1120 Bucaramanga, is Oxígeno, ex-“La W”.
1170 Tunja, is Caracol Radio, ex-Radio Recuerdos
1210 Neiva, is Oxígeno, ex-Radio Recuerdos
1220 Barranquilla. Radio Reloj is inactive.
1250 Cúcuta, is shared between W Radio and Oxígeno, ex-“La W”
1260 Duitama, is Oxígeno,  ex-“ Bésame AM”
1270 Bucaramanga, is Bésame, ex-Oxígeno
1390 Espinal, is Oxígeno, ex-Radio Avenida
1350 Ibagué, is Oxígeno, ex-Radio Reloj
1440 Tuluá, is Caracol Radio, ex-Radio Reloj
(Information from Prisa Radio)
Double station listings
The following stations are listed on two different frequencies:
Ondas del Porvenir: 1480 and 910
Radio Internacional: 1470 and 1270
Alcaldía de Caicedonia: 1510 and  1350
La Voz de(l) Chocó: 1580 and 1150

730 HIZ is no longer Broadcasting Nacional but instead Zulu Radio, http://www.zulurd.com/   Physical location unknown.  Affiliated to TeleRadio América, ch. 45.
700 Red Radio Integridad, Lima, ”la voz que  glorifica a Dios”, address Av. Javier Prado Este 255, Of. 402, tel. 4099096, will raise power from 1 to 25 kW shortly. A new NX25 transmitter is being installed at this moment per info on their web site. (Web site) (Henrik Klemetz HK, Arctic Radio Club)

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