fredag 10 februari 2017

Radio Pakistan switching to DRM+

Radio Pakistan is converting its AM and FM transmitters to DRM+
technology. DRM is more spectrally efficient than both AM and FM. It
allows more stations in a given bandwidth but it does that at a much
higher quality than either AM or FM.
The present AM and FM transmitters of Radio Pakistan can be made
compatible to this technology with little amendment and to make its
broadcasts clearer and cost-effective.
Director General, Radio Pakistan Mr Khurshid Malik visited the project
at Broadcasting House in Islamabad and he was informed that under this
technology, three channels can be aired from a single transmitter, which
will prove cost-effective.
This technology enables listeners to get access to text services as
well. Malik emphasized the need of improving contents of programmes
besides introducing modern technology to cater the need of all segments
of society.
Mike Terry, dxld yg via Jan Edh (10/2-2017)