DX recordings

On this page we will publish links to DX recordings made by our members. Contributions are welcome.

950 Radio 9, Buenos Aires (formerly Radio Belgrano) heard on Feb. 4 by Arne Nilsson

1190 HCDE2 UCSG Radio, Ecuador heard by Fredrik Douren, Borlänge

1350 YVZZ Radio Eclipse, El Tigrito  heard on Jan. 31 by Fredrik Douren, Borlänge

1593 test from St Gouéno, Bretagne heard by Hasse Mattisson, Växjö

(1340) Radio Ciudad del Mar, Cuba, with a faked interview with DXer and TV journalist Mika Mäkeläinen of Finland.  In response to his reception report, Mika received a mail from a journalist on the station asking him to submit an audio clip to explain in his own words what equipment he was using. Mika sent him a mail, not an audio.  On the clip, where the amazing long-distance reception is described and commented, we are not hearing Mika but rather a Cuban who is trying to impersonate the accent of a foreigner.    At 1:16 the Cuban says, “Nosotros tenemos aquí en Finlandia 6 antenas de 100 metros de altura”, Here in Finland we have 6 antennas which are 100 meters up in the air.  However, this is not exactly what Mika wrote, which was as follows, “También mis antenas son muy largas; tengo (con mis amigos DXistas) 11 antenas, y cada [una] tiene 1000 metros de longitud”.  Mika was referring to the length, not the height, of the antennas.
Some people say that it is the length that matters, whereas in Cuba it seems that it is the height that matters.
Incidentally, Mika was totally unaware of this fanciful interview, which was spotted on a Spanish (not Cuban) internet site by Henrik Klemetz, in Sweden.