tisdag 13 mars 2012

LT9 Parkalompolo Fan Club

“Volvo” was the magical word which was heard on a distant Latin American station during a DXpedition to Parkalombolo, northern Sweden.  Alf Persson, wanted to know why, and once he learnt the reason he wanted to send them a reception report.  As a longstanding member of the Volvo DX Club he felt that was his “special reason” for contacting the station.  LT9, Radio Brigadier López, in Santa Fe,  Argentina, 1150 AM, is heard in most of northern Argentina during their nightly programme devoted to truck drivers.  Atilio “Moncho” Aranda has a captive audience as shown on the programme web page and several You tube videos.  His programme “Noche luz y Moncho” occasionally also reaches listeners in the country where the first Volvos and Scanias were produced. At http://nocheluzymoncho.com.ar/images/galeria56/Galeria56.html  you may listen to the original recording as picked up in Parkalombolo, read the letter sent to the station and watch a number of pictures, not only of Volvo trucks but also of about a dozen fervent Parkalompolo expeditionaries.

The greeting “Moncho” devoted on the air to his distant listeners can be heard here
N.B.  The Argentine web page cannot be seen correctly on Google Chrome.  It seems to work OK on Internet Explorer and also on Mozilla Firefox. (HK Henrik Klemetz, Arctic Radio Club)

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