lördag 31 december 2011

Special New Year's programmes from RNE, Canary Islands

The last night of every year brings us a unique opportunity for catching the RNE stations in the Canary Islands with own programming at night. All RN and R5TN outlets leave the national network at some point around 2230 UTC/Canary Is. time (2330 in mainland Spain) for a regional special program to receive the new year. The content is usually funny music with phone calls from listeners and messages from the Regional Goverment President and some other Authorities. This program ends some minutes after the midnight Canary Is./UTC time. These are the RNE stations in the Canary Islands:
RN     Las Palmas  576 kHz
RN     Tenerife        621 kHz
R5TN  Tenerife        720 kHz
R5TN Las Palmas  747 kHz
(Mauricio Molano via MWDX via Tore Larsson, ARC)

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