fredag 8 juli 2011

Cuban "air defense" strategies

We have long noted that the Cubans are trying to block certain unwanted signals from Florida, WRHC, WQBA and a few other stations run by Cuban emigrés. 
This is why Radio Rebelde can be found on numerous channels, including frequencies assigned to other stations. 
It now appears that Rebelde is just one piece in a system where local, provincial and national services are combined to keep as many channels as possible alive 24/7 by sharing transmitter facilities.
Arguably the first example of this was noted two years ago on 1350, where Radio Libertad, was relaying the provincial service of Radio Victoria at night. 
Last winter, Arnstein Bue, in Norway,  was surprised to hear Radio Rebelde sign off on 980 at 1000. However, after the playing of the National Anthem, the frequency was released to the listed COCO El Periódico del Aire.
In November 2010, Arnstein noticed another anomaly, a Cuban on 1470 carrying Radio Victoria programming.  In an interesting reply from this station,  one now learns that the transmitter site is Puerto Padre, Las Tunas,  the power  1 kW, and that the channel is actually assigned to Radio Chaparra (hitherto listed only on 90.9 FM), a local station at Jesús Menéndez.  In the afternoon, the municipal station Radio Libertad carries on, and at night, Radio Victoria.
The schedule for the 1470 operation is given as 1100-1600 Radio Chaparra, 1600-0200 Radio Libertad, and 0200-1100 Radio Victoria.

Henrik Klemetz

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