onsdag 27 juli 2011

ARC Newsflash: Radio Marina to test from radio ship on 1485 kHz

July 27th, 2011 - 18:19 UTC by Andy Sennitt.
Dutch regional commercial broadcaster Radio Marina will be on the air this weekend with a test transmission from the radio ship Jenni Baynton in Harlingen. The news and oldies station wants to see how much of the licensed coverage area it can achieve on its mediumwave frequency. According to owner Willem Rense Post this test is a step in the right direction: “The Radiocommunications Agency, the government organization that manages Dutch terrestrial frequencies, indicated several months ago some flexibility in dealing with requests to for re-coordination of transmission sites for mediumwave broadcasting, so there is a glimmer of light at last on the horizon. ”
Radio Marina 1485AM says it will not be just another non-stop music station. As well as presented music programmes it will also focus in short blocks on various locations around the IJsselmeer. Mr Post said “We want to provide regional news firsthand, through a network of local ambassadors, so as a listener you get a good picture of what’s going on in the region.”
The test transmission will take place from Saturday 30 July at 0600 UTC till Sunday 31 July at 1600 UTC on mediumwave 1485 kHz and on the Internet at http://www.radiomarina.nl/.
(Source: De Stentor via MediaMagazine.nl)
Andy Sennitt adds: Radio Marina holds licences, issued in March 2008, to broadcast from The Hague and from Tilburg on 1485 kHz, both with a power of 1 kW. (Ronny Forslund va Media Network)

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