fredag 22 juli 2011

ARC Newsflash: KBC Radio to test on 531 kHz from Burg

GERMANY Dutch-based KBC Radio to test on Burg 531 kHz The website of Dutch-based KBC Radio says "KBC has received a test license for 531 kHz in Burg (Eastern) Germany. We keep you informed when we start testing. We are also talking for a few options in other countries as well. The reason that we are gonna test is to see if the signal is doing anything during the nightly hours."
This site of course has a very interesting history, having been a key site during the days of the GDR, but has been unused since 2008 following the closure of Truck Radio. It has a 10kW transmitter which can also transmit in DRM mode at 2.7 kW, and a 190 metre antenna mast.(Tore Larsson, ARC via KBC Radio, via Andy Sennitt, RN Media Network)

KBC Radio via Biener-Media in Germany has published a press release informing they will test the old GDR-transmitter in Burg on 531 kHz to see if the signal is doing anything during the nightly hours. The transmitter of 10 kW and a 190 m antenna mast was heard very good in southern Sweden during the GDR-era. Keep an eye on the frequency. (Bengt Ericson, ARC)

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