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Russian update: medium wave stations in the Orensburgskaya and St. Petersburg oblasts


Orenburgskaya oblast.
20/07/2015. Recently, a lot of different "observations" (yes, in quotes) on the hearing program "Radio Rossii" at different frequencies. When I asked about a broadcast programs in the Orenburg region in the medium range of said Turkin SV Deputy. chief engineer of the Orenburg ORTPTS - (the quote): "In reply to your appeal we inform that at the moment in the Orenburg region in the medium-wave broadcasting is carried out in two localities: 1. Buguruslan - at a frequency of 1395 kHz, the transmitter power of 5 kW but it operates at 1 kW (RICH authorized power of 1 kW), the program "Radio Rossii"; 2. n. Matveevka - at a frequency of 936 kHz, the transmitter power of 5 kW to 5 kW is working. The program "Radio Rossii" . At a frequency of 1053 kHz with the program "Radio Rossii" and at a frequency of 540 kHz with the program "Radio Mayak" broadcast was conducted in Orenburg until 2011 and 2013 respectively. "
Editor: Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan, Russia)

St. Petersburg
684 - Radio Radonezh (20.00 - 24.00) [RP Radonezh Orthodox Brotherhood ROC] (Sosnovka 10 kW, 50 m)
828 - Radio Slovo (9-17, 21-5) / Orthodox Radio St. Petersburg (5-9, 17-21) [Word Ltd.] (Sosnovka 10 kW, 75 m)
1053 - Radio Maria (06.00-01.00) [NF Radio Maryja] (Ol'gino, 10 kW, 75 m)
1089 - Radio Teos (07.00 - 16.00) [BF Radio Teos] (Krasny Bor, 50 kW)
Editor: Ivan Lebedevskiy, St. Petersburg, Russia)

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