söndag 29 december 2013

Radio documentaries about early British Independent Local Radio on BBC Local Radio stations

You may have already spotted it in the Radio Times, but I've done another of my radio documentaries to be broadcast on some BBC Local Radio stations over New Year.

It's called "The Other Side of the Dial" and looks at the early years of Independent Local Radio in its 40th anniversary year.

The only North West station taking it (so far) is Radio Lancashire at 1800 on Monday December 30.

It includes archive audio of all the opening broadcasts (including Piccadilly)  and interviews I've done with  John Whitney (founder of the Local Radio Association and the first MD of Capital Radio), Jon Snow (LBC), Dave Cash (Capital), Lord Jimmy Gordon (Clyde), Ed Doolan (BRMB), Roger Day
(Piccadilly), Gillian Reynolds (City), James Whale (Metro), Keith Skues (Hallam), Tony Blackburn (Radio 1), Austin Mitchell MP (Pennine), Mike Reid (210), Andy Wint (Beacon),  Tony Stoller (IBA) and Torin Douglas (Campaign magazine).

It also includes things you don't associate with modern day commercial radio. You hear "God Save the Queen", Kenneth McKellar, Franny Scully, the story of how Richard Attenborough's paintings saved Capital Radio, the Radio Clyde prayer, Captain Mainwaring, the Balcombe Street siege, Yellow Pages, and Jon Snow firing the wrong cartridges.

Feel free to spread the word among radio fans.

It will be broadcast at the following times, and can be heard live online, and on "Listen Again" for a week. Other stations may also take it.

Mon Dec 30
BBC Radio Lancashire

Tue 31 Dec 2013
BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Tue 31 Dec 2013
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Wed 1 Jan 2014
BBC Radio Gloucestershire (repeat)

Wed 1 Jan 2014
BBC Radio Cornwall

Hope you enjoy it.

From Paul Rowley to Mike Terry, mwcircle 28.12.2013 via Tore Larsson, ARC

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