torsdag 19 december 2013

The very last transmissions for 2013 from Bergen Kringkaster LKB/LLE

It's almost over for the Norwegian temporary test and development license, but radio station LKB/LLE will still be on the air with 4 longer test transmissions: Today Thursday December 19th, Tuesday Christmas Eve December 24th, Christmas Day December 25th into Boxing Day December 26th, and finally New Year's Eve December 31st. Our tentative schedule goes like this:
*Thursday December 19th, 1500-2200 UTC(Programs from Bergen Kringkaster)
*Tuesday Christmas Eve December 24th, 0600-1600 UTC(Programs from Bergen Kringkaster)
*Christmas Day December 25th into Boxing Day December 26th, 2200-0900(Programs from Bergen Kringkaster)
*New Year's Eve December 31st 0600-1600 UTC.(Programs from Radio Northern Star)
Transmitters used are LLE-2 (1314 kHz) and LLE-3 (5895 kHz). QSL card for correct reports. Remember to enclose Norwegian stamps or 3$. Address: Box 100, 5331 RONG. On a final note: Thank you for all your many reports! And, please, dear reporters, have patience for our reply. There will most likely be a new license next year, hopefully then with the right to transmit program content. (Svenn Martinsen, ARC)

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