tisdag 19 november 2013

This week's tests from Bergen Kringkaster / Radio Northern Star

LKB/LLE is on the air with new test broadcasts this week from LLE-2 (1314 kHz) and LLE-3 (5895 kHz), carrying IDs and jingles of Radio Northern Star: Morning Broadcast today Tuesday @0730-0900 UTC, and afternoon broadcast Thursday @1530-1730 UTC. On Wednesday there will be split programming: Morning Broadcast @0730-0900 UTC on 1314 kHz and all day broadcast on 5895 kHz @0730-2100 UTC will carry LKB LLE IDs and morse idents. We are looking for the specs of our Western Electric! Our QSL card has arrived, and are being sent out, but still reports are welcome! Address: Box 100, N5331 RONG, NORWAY or 1000@northernstar.no or report@bergenkringkaster.no (Svenn Martinsen, ARC)

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