måndag 15 april 2013

Some North American MW news

USA 1540 WDCD Albany NY has returned to the air. (Saul Chernos, Wikipedia and Station Intel via IRCA via Barry Davies, mwcircle 4.4.2013) Format is still religion, simulcasting WDCD-FM 96.7. Slogan is “The Light”. (Scott Fybush, NRC) Background info via Steve Whitt, mwcircle 4.4.2013: WDCD began broadcasting in HD Digital in 2006, the second AM station in the area to do so. Recently, WDCD had not been broadcasting in HD, and also signed off between 9-10 every night. WDCD temporarily left the air on April 1, 2012 to make plans for a new format.
1630 KKGM Fort Worth TX now Southern Gospel, dropping TLK (DX-midAMerica via Barry Davies, mwcircle 20.3.2013)
1660 WCNZ Marco Island FL old C&W, dropping AC “Avenue” from April 12. No news on what is happening to the relays on 1410 WMYR and 1480 WVOI (DX-midAMerica via Barry Davies, mwcircle 7.4.2013) via Tore Larsson, ARC

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