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Russian MW update

RUS-DX”  #  869

Broadcasting of Russia,

countries of CIS and Baltiya (ex. USSR).

Sunday / 24 April , 2016    



Radio station closed Teos broadcasting on a frequency of 1134 kHz and receive transmissions only on the Internet, on their page - http://s.teos.fm/

Now in Moscow there are only two working broadcast on medium wave frequencies:

612 kHz – Narodnoe radio and Radio Radonezh

738 kHz - World Radio Network.

(Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia)

St. Petersburg


RTRS Branch "St. Petersburg Regional Center" turned off the medium wave transmitter radio center №11 (Krasny Bor). The transmitter "SRV-50" broadcast station "Radio Teos" at a frequency of 1089 kHz. Power equipment is 30 kW.

One of the unique antenna towers located in the Red Bor - a highly directional antenna system "Dawn" medium wave range. The antenna system consists of 26 metal towers height of 41 meters each. The length of the chain towers - 2.1 km. Antenna complex supplement the four-mast antenna height of 271, 257, 106, 93 and 80 meters of antenna systems of short-range. The total output power of transmitters DV-, SV- and HF bands reached 10.6 mV.

A quarter-century radio center worked with almost 100% load. 23 hours a day, eighteen short-wave transmitters "Snow" broadcast "International Radio Moscow", "the first program of the All-Union Radio", "Radio Mayak", "Leningrad Radio", "Radio Station Atlantic", "radio station Motherland" and other programs of the Soviet domestic and foreign broadcasting .

Loading powerful transmitters broadcasting radio center in the Red Bor began to decline in the late 90s. For 15 years, we were off "Buran" transmitters and transmission hardware broadcasted SV- and HF bands. The transmitter "Radio Teos" was the last powerful transmitter radio center. Transmitting equipment mothballed.

(Russian radio and television via Anatoly Klepov, Moscow)

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