torsdag 7 januari 2016

Czech MW update

Cesky Rozhlas is broadcasting CRo2 Dvoyka on 639, 954 and 1332 kHz 03-23 UTC. However the smaller transmitter on 639 Ostrava-Svinov 30 kW joins CRo Plus at 1500.It is strange that on 639 kHz there will be one strong (Liblice) and one weak (Ostrava-Svinov) broadcasting different programs. Acc. to Cesky Rozhlas it is difficult to find a suitable FM-frequency for Ostrava, a big town now covered by Svinov on MW. The distance between the 750 kW and 30 kW transmitters is 250 km. Strange planning! Information from Karel Honzik and Mauno Ritola. (Bengt Ericson, ARC

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