måndag 21 december 2015

Radio Northern Star testing again on 1611 kHz

Tonight Tuesday 21 from @2100z-, Radio Northern Star has a scheduled test transmission over LKB LLE's LLE-4 station on 1611 kHz 186 metres MW with an ex-Marine Skanti TRP-8250 HF 250 Watts remotely controlled transmitter, at 250 watts USB and a Comrod antenna. Monitored so far in AM mode @65 watts in the Shetland Islands, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. If you're hearing us, we'd also be happy to receive your reception report to report@bergenkringkaster.no or 1000@northernstar.no (Svenn Martinsen, Northern Star via Bengt Ericsson)

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