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Ukranian MW update


In Crimea, started the Ukrainian radio.

Monday, September 21, 2015 AM 549 kHz Crimeans have the right to know the truth Mon-Fri 5.35 UTC Mon-Fri 15.30 UTC. In annexed the Crimea starts the project "Ukrainian Radio" from Monday to Friday at 5.35 UTC and 15.35 UTC for the inhabitants of the peninsula will be available to Ukrainian radio. This in facebook adviser Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Serhiy Kostinsky. "At 5.30 am honored to open the broadcast, taking part in the first program - the author of a new transmission Alexander Jankowski," - he wrote. Radio with mainland Ukraine can be heard on medium wave. Ukrainian radio and TV stations have disappeared from the airwaves in the Crimea in March 2014, after the annexation of the peninsula Russia.


(www.dxing.ru / Alexander Egorov, Ukraine)


"Ukrainian Radio" September 24 will resume broadcasting in full

Chairman of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting Yuriy Artemenko announced that on September 24, "Ukrainian Radio" to resume broadcasting in full. It is reported by the press service of the National Council. According to Mr. Artemenko, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine already provides for the needs of the National Radio Company of Ukraine 2 million 735 thousand. Hryvnia, needed to restore the broadcasting in previous volumes. This will restore the broadcasting of all three programs, "Ukrainian Radio". It is planned that on September 24, all transmitters will be included. The press service of the National Radio Company of Ukraine confirmed this information and announced the resumption of the transmitters that have been shut down on September 9. According to NRKU, September 24 to earn the VHF and FM network of UR-1 in the previous volumes, will be canceled the day break on the powerful MW transmitter on the frequency 549 kHz, which covers the south of Ukraine including Crimea. Restores work as a network of VHF channel "Promin" and "Culture".


(www.dxing.ru / Alexander Egorov, Ukraine)

Via RUS-DX # 839, Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia

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