torsdag 11 juni 2015

Portugal: RTP Antena 1 666 kHz reactivated

Good news from Portugal. RTP, the public broadcaster, has recently reactivated the transmitter for Antena 1 at Cristelo Covo (Valença) - 666 kHz 10 kW. This frequency, located in Northwest Portugal close to Spain, was closed down some years ago (in 2011) because the transmitter suffered a irretrievable breakdown. As a consequence of this problem, RTP has been postponing this matter.... until now. It appears (my speculation) that the technical dept. found one spare transmitter not regularly used but kept in good condition, which should now replace the old, broken equipment.

According to the user "P. Pinto" at , the modulation is somewhat weak; anyway, the transmitter puts good signal between Valença and Caminha; 666 kHz have fair reception within the city of Viana do Castelo.

This MW outlet is particularly useful in highly mountainous areas where the reception via VHF-FM has some gaps. Despite the fact that RTP has been installing new VHF-FM relays in the region, there are few areas (e.g. Vila Nova de Cerveira)  not well served by VHF-FM, so mediumwave should be an alternative to listen to the first channel of public radio.

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Luís Carvalho via Mauno Ritola via Bengt Ericson, ARC

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  1. Drove past the transmitter yesterday and it was still on the air. The site looks a bit neglected and the modulation was still low