torsdag 23 april 2015

France Info Nice 1557 closing down

The transmitter for France Info in Nice will end its long history on 1557 kHz MW on August 31st, 2015.Info from Cuvans Develioglu via A-DX via Bengt Ericson, ARC.

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  1. From Ydun's MW page:
    Hello Ydun,
    About the France Info transmitter in Col de la Madone 1557 kHz (Nice site according the UIT).
    Yesterday I contacted the manager of Monte Carlo Radiodiffusion (subsidiary of TDF), as the transmitter is on a MCR’s site.
    Here is the answer: “At the moment Radio France has no plans to stop broadcasting France Info on medium wave from the Col de la Madone”.
    So may be France Info on 1557 kHz will not be closed in August 2015...
    Regards, Christian Ghibaudo (5/5-2015)

    I wrote to the original source of this info. He didn't reply at all. I wonder if this is somehow connected with the 3 hoaxes published on Euroradio list?