måndag 1 september 2014

New Italian station relaying Radio Caroline on 1350 kHz

1350 kHz. The testing Italian (private/pirate?) station on the frequency is now relaying the stream from Radio Caroline, London. Listening at 20:45 UTC Sept 1st. (Bengt Ericson, Arctic Radio Club)

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  1. It's I AM radio from Milan (non authorized mw radio).
    Saturday and sunday program for dx enthusiast ...
    Some info's via http://www.studiodx.net/

    Roberto iw2evk

  2. Now the 13 of August I AM Radio again relaying Radio Caroline
    live from the Ross Revenge , Caroline North on 1350 KHz,
    Looking back 50th years when the M.O.A. Came in force to silence the offshore stations , one did continue Radio Caroline !!