tisdag 24 juni 2014

New British RSL: SummerFest Radio heard on MW 1386 kHz

SummerFest Radio, Haddenham has been awarded a license from June 22 - July 6 on FM 87.9 MHz. However, the station is also being heard on MW 1386 kHz. This frequency is not announced by the station so it may be an unofficial relay, maybe by a pirate station. The MW signal is being heard with a good signal some 17 miles from Haddenham, so the transmitter should be located within the area. The SummerFest is a local beer festival and the station's website can be found at http://www.summerfestradio.co.uk/ No confirmation about the MW transmissions has so far been made by the station. (Bernt-Ivan Holmberg, ARC)

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  1. Most likely the MW signal is coming from Italy.
    Shortwave Gold was relaying Summerfest Radio last year on 48m and they also used 1386 kHz in the past.