tisdag 27 november 2012

Reminder: Anniversary broadcast from LKB/LLE, Norway 1314 kHz

Tomorrow Wednesday November 28th LKB/LLE Bergen Kringkaster at 60 degrees 26 minutes North  05 degrees 12 minutes East 1314 kHz AM/Medium Wave will transmit all day from 0600 CET until Midnight relaying NRK P1/NRK Hordaland 89,1 FM. We will also be using local IDs in English and Norwegian as well as in Morse Code. A 15 metres Comrod/Tjøstheim antenna will be used with the 250 watts Western Electric rig used by Odda Kringkaster that operated on 1466 kHz until Nov.1st, 1978(previous call sign LLU, now LLE2)We anticipate it now will run at @150 watts.
This event is in connection with the 75 years anniversary of Bergen Broadcasting Station, starting official transmissions November 28th, 1937 on 260 kHz.

The furthest proven reception so far is from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, at 775 km! Given good conditions this time we hope to reach many more countries.

Reception reports as sound files in mp3 to styret@bergenkringkaster.no !

On the coming Saturday at 12 Noon there will be a celebration at the site, as well as more transmissions!

Svenn Martinsen, ARC
Broadcast Coordinator

For further information please check out these links:


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