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Latin American DX news from Henrik Klemetz HK

En route to Peru
During openings to southern Peru (Cusco, Puno, Sicuani, Juliaca, Arequipa) a few otherwise rather unusual Brazilians  become audible, viz. 1259.96 Rádio Educadora, Guajará Mirim, and 1430.006 Rádio Caiari, Porto Velho, the latter one relaying the Rádio Aparecida network from 0300 onwards.  Both stations are located near the Bolivian and Peruvian borders.   (Henrik Klemetz)

Peruvian news
-1150.15  Radio Frontera, Juliaca, listed as Radio Líder, heard in Finland late December 2010 and 2011 at 0815 UTC.  The station is affiliated to Radio Frontera, Tacna, but offers individual programming following the format used by Tacna. (www.radiofronteraperu.com) Verification was obtained by phoning and emailing the Tacna programme manager, Inés Tacora.
-1349.834  Radio Santa Beatriz, Cusco, logged in Scandinavia last spring and again in February 2012 with folklore programming. They are easily spotted thanks to a characteristic wobbling carrier.  Frequently announcing 103.3 // 1350.  The station belongs to the Radio Las Vegas group, whose station in Cusco has been heard on several occasions on 1510.
-1549.83 A station relaying La Voz de la Liberación was heard late December 2011 shortly after 0800 UTC. The mention of the address of IPDA church in Lima, Jirón Carabaya 923, seemed to indicate that this was Radio Indpendencia, in Lima.  Pedro F. Arrunátegui subsequently measured the frequency on his equipment as 1549.84.   (Henrik Klemetz)

Digital vs. alphabetical ID

-1480 WMDD, Fajardo,
Puerto Rico, have reverted to the slogan “el 14-80 am”, easier to memorize on a car radio.  Their web address is
www.el1480am.com and their email address el1480am@yahoo.com 
Conversely, in Europe, where callsigns do not matter any longer, RDS is widely in use.  
(Henrik Klemetz)

Colombian football commentaries

-1060.243  Radio Surcolombiana, Neiva, heard in the UK with a summary of a football match.  The station is an independent operation, but in sports it uses the infotainment  team, called “Trabuco Todelar” which is exists in all major Colombian cities.   One of the specialties is their seamless insertion of commercial messages into the running commentary.    Ciro Antonio Ruiz is the star narrator of Radio Surcolombiana.  (Henrik Klemetz)

Bolivia: East and West

-1000.13 Radio difusoras del Oriente, Santa Cruz, listed on 1000, was recently heard in Finland. Their actual url is www.difusorasdeloriente.mex.tl  The station verified promptly after reporting their announced address of verdeyblanco5@hotmail.com  This station seems to support a secessionist movement wishing to separate the eastern part of Bolivia (el Oriente) from the Andean region. 

-1480 Radio Amor de Dios is not located in La Paz proper as listed, but in El Alto, which is a suburb overlooking La Paz from an altitude of more than 4,000 metres.  The station was heard in 2007 by Alfredo Cañote in Peru on 6215 as reported in Condiglist,  Finndxer and DXLD #7032.  This station was heard on one occasion in Sweden last year. Angel Oquendo confirms that the Amor de Dios church and the station is at Calle Noaviri 2105, Zona Amor de Dios, El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia.  The pastor is Faustino Laura Alegría. There is no email.  (Henrik Klemetz)

CNN en español

WURN 1020 has been running CNN news reports under the name of “Actualidad 1020”, but since the addition of WLVJ 1040 to the network, the slogan is now “Actualidad Radio”.  (Henrik Klemetz)

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