onsdag 17 augusti 2011

KBC Radio testing from Burg, Germany on 531kHz

Dutch-based KBC Radio carries the following updated announcement on its website:
"KBC has received a test license for 531 kHz in Burg Germany. We start testing on Friday the 19th on AM 531. More dates coming tonight.
"We are trying to return on SW in November 2011. Minimum power is 100KW. We are also checking if we can beam again to the USA on shortwave.
"For reception reports please mail to KBC531 @ gmail.com or write to The
Mighty KBC, Argonstraat 6, 6718 WT Ede, The Netherlands. Send 2 USD if you
want to receive our Mighty KBC QSL card."
(KBC August 16th, 2011 via RN Media Network via Tore Larsson, ARC)

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