söndag 21 december 2014

Christmas greetings to and from Arctic Radio Club members

As usual at this time of the year some Christmas greetings are coming in from near and far. First we have one from our Norvegian friend Svenn Martinsen of the Northern Star radio project and Bergen Kringkaster. Don't forget to check out the 1314 spot now and then!

The next card comes all the way from Colombia and the enthusiasts behind the stations Marfil Estereo / La Voz de tu Conciencia and Alcaravan Radio. Do listen in to their programmes when you are scanning the bands over the holiday season.

Here is one from Artur Fernandez Llorealla in Spain:

DE CEPRA: ¡Felices Fiestas!  Dolores Arce, Directora Ejecutiva CEPRA sent this card to ARC-member Thomas Nilsson,

Coming up next are greetings from our friend Torgeir Woxen of Norway:

Over to Finland and Jorma Mäntylä in Kangasala for the next season's greetings:

From the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, here is one from our friend BEFF Björn Fransson:

Och här kommer baksidan:

A nice picture from the winter wonderland of Northern Sweden and our friend Lars Bygdén:

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