söndag 7 oktober 2012

New Dutch station on the air on MW 1557 kHz

NETHERLANDS 1557 A Dutch station is now using this frequency from October 6th, 2012. Vahon FM Hindustani Radio in Den Haag. Broadcasting 24 h in Hindi, Dutch and sometimes English. On Sunday October 7th at 2030 UTC the announcements were in English. It was a request program. You can check on the stream www.vahonfm.nl.

On the frequency 1557 kHz there is tough competition:
WYFR in Taiwan
France Info in France            
Some UK-stations                                                                                 
(Ehard Goddijn via Steve Whitt, mwcircle, Ydun and Tore Larsson, ARC October 6th, 2012) 

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